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Better Dating Bootcamp

This bootcamp is for single women who seek friendship, connection, and empowerment in their search for a romance with someone wonderful!

Two-hour long weekly group coaching session for single women of all ages that will help you grow emotionally, spiritually, and skillfully in dating. Topics will include (but may not be limited to) personal image development, understanding how men think, best practices for better results in online dating, breaking bad habits, non-verbal communication, wing-woman methods, gender dynamics, dating rules and boundaries, identifying red flags, asking the right questions at the right time, and answering difficult questions.

On the last Saturday of the bootcamp women will recieve a makeover and professional head shots. Makeup services will be done by Sheona Sleiman of Backstage Makeup. Photography services will be done by Sarah Kidwell Photography and Delno Ebie Photography. Hair styling services will be provided by B Young Salon.

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