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Our 5-Step Date Coaching Process


Mindset Management

We operate from a growth mindset and you will too! That’s because there is a psychology to achievement and motivation, so the assumptions you make and the worldview or philosophy of life you hold can make all the difference in dating and relationship success.


Action Plan

We’ll develop a social strategy you can put into action immediately, in order to meet new people of the caliber of your desire.


Digital Strategy

We’ll reboot your online dating profile(s) in a way that will allow you to put your best foot forward and attract the kind of people you want while weeding out the ones you don’t.


Social Coaching/Support

We are available to be your wingman/woman in social settings. You’ll get tips and tools for overcoming introversion and handling social anxiety in social situations. Plus guidance on flirting, power openings, establishing a connection, and more.


‘Just in Time” Text and Email Coaching

To help you handle conversation challenges (online or IRL) “in the moment” while the situation can still be saved and the momentum maintained.

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