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The Guide to Your Coaching Investment



Your Growth, Your Gain: Why Working with a Dating Expert is an Investment


You’ve probably spent hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars trying to date. If you’re a woman, you’ve probably spent a lot of money on things like blow-outs, clothes, facials, gym memberships, makeup, manicures, waxing, and more – all to try to look and feel good and make a good first impression. If you’re a man, you’ve spent money on a few of those things plus the dates themselves: dinner, drinks, movies or other activities. Not to mention subscriptions and fees for dating apps and sites.

Likewise, working with a Dating Strategist or Matchmaker entails membership fees, tuition, or retainers as well. But these are not just considered an expense but an investment – an investment in your longterm happiness and satisfaction in life! Your investment in a dating expert will pay off far faster than what you get out of a cute new outfit or having your car detailed. Why? Because the skills and strategies you learn will last a lifetime and you can apply them in a broad range of relationships.


Affordability in Matchmaking


One of the most common myths about working with a professional dating coach and/or personal matchmaker is that it isn't affordable.


If you've looked at working with a similar firm in a large metropolitan area -- especially those on the coasts -- you know that date coaching programs can easily run $3,000/month and matchmaking programs can run $20,000 or $25,000 for a full-service program.


While we're not the "cheapest" dating authority around, we're far from the most expensive.


At The Date Maven, we're mindful that many people's disposable income rises and falls with the economy and we work hard to make our specialized services accessible. We do this by keeping our operations lean, our overhead low, and our team small-but-mighty. Sure, many of our clients are doctors, lawyers, and executives who are able to invest in luxury lifestyle improvements... but many of our clients are single parents, millennials who are still paying off college loans, entrepreneurs running start-ups, and retirees on fixed incomes.


Discover how working with your personal coaching team at The Date Maven can deliver amazing results and cost less than comparable agencies.


You'll find that our outstanding client care and reasonable cost add up to a tremendous value in personal growth and development. If you'd like to schedule a free, 20-minute exploratory call, email

So, what determines why one expert charges hundreds of dollars for a coaching program and another charges thousands? Or why one matchmaker charges 4 figures and another charges 5 figures?


This guide is designed to help you as a consumer. Here are a few things that are helpful to know whether you’re shopping for a dating, health, career, or other kind of coach . . .

Education and Expertise.

I am highly qualified in my specialty, having spent over 20 years studying gender communications, human sexuality, and the art & science of body language and attraction. I’ve undergone intensive training with the top matchmakers and dating coaches in the country and I continue my education by attending conferences and forging alliances throughout the dating industry.

Exclusivity. Privacy. Customization.

I believe in quality over quantity. My service is not for the masses; it’s a boutique-style service in which I give you a plan for advancing your dating goals that’s customized to you, your work, and your lifestyle. Being as hands-on and in-depth as I am, I’m not able to take throngs of clients. Instead, I focus on helping 3-5 people at a time and giving them exceptional support and outstanding service. Working with fewer people means each client is special and has greater access to me.

Your time has value.

And so does mine. The work I do is intellectual, emotional, and time-consuming. I don’t get paid by the hour, but I do get paid for the VALUE I bring to each hour I spend with you and on your behalf. I have no idea what my time is worth to you, but I know exactly what it’s worth to me -- and I value what I bring to the table as someone who changes love lives.

Remember, enlisting the help of a dating coach or matchmaker isn’t purchasing a 5-minute fix. It’s a process and a journey. And the longer we work together, the more you build you skill set and practice the new habits that will help you evolve in your social life and attract love! It’s just like working with a trainer – if you only put in a little time here and there at the gym, you’re not going to change your body. If you work out with frequency, intensity, and consistency, you’re more likely to get the results you want.


Coaches in large cities on the east and west coasts are in markets where people are more familiar with coaching. They more
readily understand the benefits of coaching and coaches are in greater demand. Many people who work with executive coaches, health & wellness coaches, and dating coaches see it as a badge of affluence to be able to retain a coach in order to help them achieve the best possible lifestyle and they’re willing to pay for this privilege. As with most consumables, you can expect to pay more in highly-populated areas while fees tend to be more modest in the mid-west.


Given these factors, it’s safe to estimate that most established coaches charge between $100-300/hour and most matchmakers charge between $5,000 - $25,000 (more if they bill themselves as “exclusive” or “luxury” matchmakers) for a contract, depending on the length and terms.

You won’t always find fees cited on their websites as some coaches (like me) bundle their hours into packages to create greater economy and offer discounts or bonuses for return clients. Of course, if you are considering hiring a dating expert or matchmaker, you should take the time to get to know their approach first and, once you know you like them, then inquire about their fees.

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