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Steps to Enter
One of Our  Programs


Free 20-Minute Alignment Call

We’ll talk about your challenges and concerns so I can determine whether a  date coaching program is the better fit for you or whether a matchmaking program (a hybrid program that includes coaching) is the better fit. This is the pre-assessment stage and after you've submitted your Client Application, you can schedule it here.


Dating Audit & Strategy Session (1 hour)

Just as you're selective about who you date, we're selective about who we invite to enroll in our programs... During this paid consultation, you’ll meet with key members of our team to go over a  Recommended Action Plan -- a program that's been personally designed just for you. 


The Transformation Begins!  

You'll enjoy challenging but life-changing content including experiences, lessons, role-plays, and psychologically-informed healing processes throughout your program.


Assess Your Progress

At the end of your program, you’ll self-reflect to evaluate your growth and determine if and how you want to continue to build on your progress and momentum! The ability to self-evaluate and choose a course of action and correction is actually an important relationship skill! At this point, we'll determine next steps for your continued growth.

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