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Matchmaking Services

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5 Reasons You Might Need a Matchmaker


Work (or kids) keep you busy; you don’t have time!


You don’t have emotional energy to spare.


You’re not sure you trust your picker! You want to ‘get it right’ this time!


You’re a private person; no bar scene or online dating for you!


You’ve tried everything else. Twice. act us today so you can begin your journey

What is Matchmaking?


Matchmaking is the process of bringing two people together, for the purpose of friendship, romance, and eventually committed, long-term relationship.

If you’re like most mid-westerners, you’re practical and pragmatic. And while you have may have no problem meeting new people, you don’t want to waste time going on pointless dates and you’re not excited about online dating. You may not feel comfortable asking your friends to fix you up (or trust them to do so!) and you’re wishing there were a better way to find love and connection. You’re ready to hire a professional matchmaker whose education, experience, expertise, and rich network will help you finally achieve a healthy, happy relationship.

Choosing a matchmaker is a very personal decision. Think of it as the first important  ‘match’ in your journey to finding the one, so it’s essential to make an informed decision. For over a decade, The Date Maven has offered executive-search style matchmaking for growth-minded singles. Our matchmaking search strategies and caring client support processes are designed to curate matches based on your unique values-based, personality-based, and lifestyle-based criteria.

What Makes us Unique Among Other Matchmakers?


It’s important to note that our methods may not be like the methods you’ve heard of other matchmakers using. Different matchmakers have different operational processes, so it’s best to make no assumptions and ask  questions.

We're selective about who we invite into a program with us (just as you're probably selective about who you date!) because we -- and our clients -- enjoy more success when we make a good match between client and matchmaker. Our “zone of genius” is delivering a hybrid program that blends the best of two worlds: dating and relationship coaching and matchmaking. We have found over the years that this is the formula for client satisfaction and our joint success. It’s important to us to deliver a quality experience and a result that leaves you better at the end of your journey than you were at the beginning.

We strive to learn as much as we can about your dating and relationship history so we can help you capitalize on your strengths and avoid past pitfalls. During our initial consultation, we learn about your work/life balance, your family background, and your general outlook on life.

We identify your specific Attachment Style and primary or preferred Love Languages – we may even conduct a personality inventory (much like those you’ve done in your professional life). This personalized, in-depth approach helps us identify the factors that have the biggest impact on your relationships.

There's a special perk for clients in our geographic area: we show up to make the introduction. You won't be given a phone number and expected to make your own date. You’ll never be standing alone in a bar or coffee shop, desperately scouring the room, hoping you’ll recognize the person you’re supposed to meet and hoping you’ll have something to say! We literally set up the date and facilitate the introduction in person – something most matchmakers can’t or won’t do!

Ongoing Learning and Adaptation...

The learning continues after each date... We gather detailed feedback after your first few matches to
learn more about your preferences and impressions. That helps us to calibrate and fine-tune our search for someone wonderful.

​We also don’t create an artificial limit or barrier on the number of matches you can receive. Most matchmakers will cap you at one introduction per month; if your wish is to be an active, busy dater, then our goal is to bring
as many qualified individuals your way as possible, so that you can feel abundance and opportunity throughout the process.

​Our proprietary, time-tested processes -- together with our understanding of interpersonal dynamics and human motivation -- plus our killer intuition and stellar reputation means that we attract good people as clients, as Date Maven community members, and as friends.


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