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2 Stories of Triumph... Let's Add YOURS!

Tyler: Tyler is a busy entrepreneur who had spent his 20’s building a thriving business. His team at work was his pseudo-family but he wanted something more. He wanted to meet a woman who was smart, kind, and had a passion for life. Oh, and not afraid of the outdoors!

He reached out to us and after an extensive interview, we determined he was someone we could make a difference for so we began a 6 month matchmaking program with him. Around month 3 we introduced him to Quinn, and they’ve hardly spent a day apart since. They work out together, they cook together, and go to basketball games together — and Quinn is delighted that Tyler surprises her with dinners and gifts for every birthday, holiday, or important milestone in their relationship. After 8 months of dating, they moved in together and have never been happier.

Leigh: At age 53, Leigh had been through an incredibly painful breakup – one that had left

her with some residual anxiety and self-doubt. She wanted to salve the pain with a new relationship but knew she would probably attract another user/abuser/manipulator if she re-entered the dating landscape with all her wounds laid bare and a vibe of vulnerability. She came to us looking for more than a superficial confidence boost. She was deeply lonely and fearful she would never find love again.

In 18 weeks, we had Leigh stepping outside her social sandbox, making new friends, trying new activities, and going to events she’d never even considered before. We helped her mend her broken heart and find an inner beauty and inner strength she didn’t know she had. We gently showed her how to break down her walls, let people in, and show her authentic self. We taught her how to keep her heart open but safe. We also helped her create healthy boundaries for a future relationship. And we helped her remember everything that had meaning and everything she could be grateful for in her life so that her positive vibration would attract like-minded people.

If you’ve been where Tyler or Leigh have been and would like to get to where they've arrived, we can help! The first step is to participate in our communities: Join our "Dates on the Plains" Newsletter and Dating Advice for Elevated Singles Facebook Group!

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