Terms and Conditions


All purchases made and Services contracted by you with The Date Maven are final and no refunds or credits will be given to you for any reason if you cancel this Agreement or do not use or discontinue the Services before the end of the Agreement (except the aforementioned period before the work begins). 


In no event shall you be entitled to refunds or credits because of a curtailment of the Services for any reason, including but not limited to: meeting a partner through the Services, meeting a partner outside of the Services, dissatisfaction with the Services, or a "pause" or "break" from the Services of The Date Maven. In other words, once the Services begin, no refunds or credits will be provided. 


If you notify The Date Maven in writing, in advance, that you wish to put your service on hold, The Date Maven will allow you to do so for a period up to six months, with the Services resuming for the time remaining when you notify The Date Maven that you wish to resume the Services within that six-month period. Any such hold will expire after these six months. 


In addition, if you have not utilized previously paid-for Services for a consecutive six-month period or more, with no prior hold notification to The Date Maven and no communication with The Date Maven in that time period, then those Services will be forfeited after those six months. Any unused Services will be forfeited without any refund or credit being provided to you. 


As The Date Maven has limited resources, all of those resources are dedicated to current clients, so by taking you on, The Date Maven may have had to turn others away. 

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