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Here's what our singles are saying:

"Thank you for the introduction. He's a keeper!" 

With my 40’s rapidly approaching, I could not figure out how a never-married, childless, professional woman was seemingly unattractive to the opposite sex.

Tinder, Bumble, eHarmony, Match, POF – I tried them all. I even tried the Christian and Catholic dating apps. But “Mr. Right” could not be found.


I hate to say it, but the pity party many face began to set in right alongside the victim mentality. Then, my coworker suggested I call the Date Maven. Might seem silly, but then why would it be strange to call a dating coach to give advice on dating when I am not expected to figure out legal and medical situations without a professional?


As a coach, Suzanna strived to meet me where I was at, so to speak. Some questions were difficult to answer, yet Suzanna’s process and demeanor made me feel at ease and comfortable being vulnerable. She quickly became my friend, and I began to eagerly await our scheduled calls.


Suzanna helped me identify insecurities that I did not realize I had… insecurities that were a complete turn-off to me, let alone someone interested in dating me. She zeroed in on my strengths to improve upon my weaknesses. She is empathetic, yet honest and compassionate, yet direct.


That was in 2016. I happily report that I now have a very long-term man in my life, who checks al of the boxes. Perhaps the most important things I gained from my Date Maven experience were the mindset and skills for a healthy relationship – a mindset and skills I had no idea I was missing!


Whether you are looking for that special someone or are just wanting to improve your existing relationship, the Date Maven is sure to help!

Kelly, Wichita, KS


I am a woman of a certain age who is entering the dating arena following a 13 year marriage...

Time had slipped by me in the world of dating.  With the advent of “on-line” dating, every thing had changed and I felt like I didn’t know where to start meeting eligible men. Working with Suzanna has helped me to gain confidence and to move forward. It has also helped me to know better who I am and what I am looking for in a relationship.

I am excited to see where I will be in another year! I have appreciated Suzanna’s honesty and encouragement along the journey."

S.C., Wichita, KS


I used a previous matchmaker and find Suzanna the best by far.

She truly cares for her clients, is very responsive and, most importantly, is intuitive to the point that in some ways she knows me better than I know myself. She identifies areas where I need to rethink my dating approach, and is so helpful at coaching me with the right words and actions that increases my enjoyment and success on my dates. What is unusual is finding someone who “gets”  both women and men so well."

J.L., Bloomington, IN


You taught me to not be the crazy girlfriend, always freaking out about something...

anxiously texting, or wondering why he hadn’t contacted me or who else he was talking to. You taught me what to worry about and what not to worry about, what I could control and what I couldn’t. You taught me to be smart, calm and strategic — and to know my own worth."

R.M., Wichita, KS


"Thank you for all the great advice over the last year. You were always on target...

... and I could not have reached my goal of a deep relationship without your help.  I will always be grateful."

D.D., Wichita, KS


"Suzanna provides a very valuable service."

Her professionalism and dedication to her clients shows how much she cares about helping them find the right person. She lets you work at your own individual pace. Suzanna helps you identify what you truly want in your mate. She will give you the tools and a game plan to make dating an enjoyable experience again."

D.M., Wichita, KS


"Have you ever met someone who is simply effervescent? Whose energy you crave orbiting?"

"That's Suzanna Mathews. And the best part is that she comes from a mindset of abundance where she graciously shares her expertise and charisma with her friends, acquaintances, and especially her clients. I've been most impressed with Suzanna's character, intelligence, and overall integrity. I know that carries over into everything she does. Her expertise gives you the boost you need to show the best and most authentically cultivated version of yourself."

A.S., Wichita, KS

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