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Top 10 Benefits of Using The Date Maven as Your Matchmaker

  1. Wichita, KS residents: If local matches are what you want, local matches are what you will get!

  2. You get a personally facilitated introduction. Most matchmakers will just give you a phone number and tell you to set up your own date. We set the date show up to make sure you meet who you're supposed to!

  3. You don't have to pay extra for date coaching. As-needed coaching is part & parcel of our comprehensive service. You'll soak up our tips and tactics on attraction, conversation, courtship, flirting, texting, personal style, and intimate relationships every step of the way! PLUS Your matchmaker is never far away... You have access to text coaching before, during, and after the date!

  4. You'll receive feedback your dates – and will be invited to give feedback your dates. Feedback is the seedling of growth and improvement!

  5. You can rest assured that we have access to amazing singles and we know how to reach them! We search both the profiles in our database AND beat the bushes, using our entire network (and the networks of our colleagues) to help us find someone wonderful for .

  6. You get new introductions every 4 weeks, on average. No waiting and wondering if anything is happening!

  7. We help you make over and optimize profiles for your online dating accounts (if you wish) so that you can be more effective on those platforms and continue to practice and polish your game between dates we arrange!

  8. When you put us in charge of this, you’re free to enjoy your lifestyle and focus on your career, your family, your hobbies, etc. You don't have to sweat the details! We integrate the process seamlessly with your life, and you waste less time on random or questionable dates.

  9. Your search criteria determine our search! We search with values-based, lifestyle-aligned compatibility and geography as our focus, and your needs come first. We listen to you -- who you are, what you want, and what you have to give in a relationship -- and these factors guide our search.

  10. Our reach is nationwide! If you want to meet someone in the town where you have a vacation home or where you travel to frequently for work, we will use our extensive network to secure an introduction in that city.


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