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While based in the heart of the mid-west, TDM serves local, national, and international clients. We talk to single people every single day -- and we believe love is the ultimate collaboration!!


Dating & relationship expert Suzanna Mathews is passionate about helping men and women discover authentic love.


 Suzanna is a TEDx speaker, author of the book “Revising Mrs. Robinson,” and has been featured in dozens of online articles, TV appearances, and podcasts.


Suzanna’s love story with her work began as an undergraduate student, where she studied interpersonal communication (including social constructs of gender and human sexuality) as well as the psychophysiology of emotion as an acting student. After previous careers as a writer, media personality, and college instructor, Suzanna’s love of people and personal development motivated her to take her profession to the next level.

In 2011, Suzanna "DTRed" and became a certified dating & relationships coach, earning her “Love MBA” matchmaker, and founding The Date Maven, a boutique coaching and matchmaking service. She's also a long-time member of the Matchmaker's Alliance. 


Suzanna has helped countless men and women overcome their dating frustrations by learning to manage their trauma, expand social skills, and build confidence and self worth. As a coach, Suzanna helps each of her clients develop relationship skills and experience a deeper level of acceptance, intimacy, and overall fulfillment – helping them become the kind of person they want to attract.


“I’m all about helping people meet and keep a happy, healthy relationship partner while nurturing the most essential, foundational relationship of all – the one with the self,” Suzanna said.

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Education and Expertise.

I am highly qualified in my specialty, having spent over 30 years studying gender communications, human sexuality, and the art & science of body language and attraction. I’ve undergone intensive training with the top matchmakers and dating coaches in the country and I continue my education by attending conferences and forging alliances throughout the dating industry.

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Exclusivity. Privacy. Customization.

I believe in quality over quantity. My service is not for the masses; it’s a boutique-style service in which I give you a plan for advancing your dating goals that’s customized to you, your work, and your lifestyle. Being as hands-on and in-depth as I am, I’m not able to take throngs of clients. Instead, I focus on helping 3-5 people at a time and giving them exceptional support and outstanding service. 

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Your time has value.

Enlisting the help of a dating coach or matchmaker isn’t purchasing a 5-minute fix. It’s a process and a journey. And the longer we work together, the more you build you skill set and practice the new habits that will help you evolve in your social life and attract love! If you work out with frequency, intensity, and consistency, you’re more likely to get the results you want.

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