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Suzanna Mathews - Founder, Coach, Matchmaker

Michael Rivera - Coach, Business Development

Meet your dating coaches


Suzanna Mathews has been helping people overcome their dating frustrations for over 30 years.  Having previous careers as a writer, media personality, college instructor, and in customer service, her love of people and for personal development motivated her to become a Dating Coach and Matchmaker. 

After her training and affiliation with the Matchmaker's Alliance, she began formally coaching and matchmaking in 2011. As such, she is responsible for creating mindset tools, social strategies, and digital tactics that help her clients elevate dating and deepen connection. When she isn't working, you'll find Suzanna listening to EDM music and trying new recipes.


Over the years, she has helped men and women of all ages, overcome their dating obstacles en route to an elevated dating life. 




The Date Maven is Wichita, Kansas’ only locally owned and operated all-inclusive matchmaking and date coaching service!  While based in the heart
of the mid-west, TDM serves local, national, and international clients.


Having both been recently in the dating pool in their 40's, Suzanna and Michael combine their perspectives to form a powerful "Mars/Venus" or masculine/feminine approach to dating.  Michael’s process-driven “dating is a science” approach, coupled with Suzanna’s lifelong study of communications, psychology, and social sciences, has culminated in unique programs that deliver proven results.   

Raised in Wichita, KS, Michael grew up with an intuitive sense of human behavior and a natural understanding of relationship dynamics.  He combines his process-based approach--which he fine-tuned working in the tech sector--with the experience he gained while being recently single to successfully help other singles deal with the realities of dating.

What makes us different from other date coaches?


For starters, we are a two-person coaching team: one gal, one guy.  Our Mars/Venus approach to coaching is an asset for both our male and female clients.  Having both been in the singles scene recently, both of your coaches are able to give real-world strategies to back up the 'best practices' of modern dating.

At The Date Maven, we offer 'just time time texting' for our all-inclusive coaching clients.  This unique feature means we are just a few finger taps away from answering your questions, including helping you navigate dicey situations as they happen in real time.  We are there to help you get out of jams and solve problems as they are unfolding.

We also have our proprietary Power Openings Program, which has a proven track record of helping our clients not just create better, more meaningful connections, but also helping them land more dates, with more suitable matches.  Our clients will tell you we mean it when we say if you follow our program, it is YOU who will become pursued!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is date coaching?

In the coaching process, the agenda is set by your wants and needs and we build upon your natural creativity and resourcefulness.  We use direct communication and strive to speak your language as we help you determine what is going on and what is not working.  We focus on you as a whole person and on your whole life, not just your dating frustrations.  We practice active listening and respond both conceptually and concretely.  Coaching success relies upon an agreed -upon partnership; this relies upon cultivating a sense of trust, psychological intimacy, and security.

Why do I need a dating coach?

You may need a dating coach if: your new to the dating world, you are frustrated or not sure what to do next, you are not confident or successful with online dating, you have a hard time making it out of the friendzone, or you are not sure how to have an engaging conversation with the opposite sex, you do not know how to flirt, and just in general need to improve your dating life.

What is matchmaking?

Matchmaking is a process. We review your wants, needs, personality, lifestyle, and values, and introduce you to someone with the same or similar wants and needs, usually for the purpose of marriage or a long term relationship.  We bring together people seeking a long-term commitment and pair them up so that they have an opportunity to connect and form a romantic friendship.

Why do I need a matchmaker?  

Matchmaking is perfect for people who don’t have the time or energy to make for dating in the modern era.  Its perfect for a busy career minded person who doesn’t have time to juggle work with online dating apps and a multitude of mixers.  It’s also perfect for someone who has the time, but just doesn’t have the desire or energy to put in the work involved to have an elevated dating life on their own.

I thought only desperate people hired Matchmakers.  Is that true?

No, it is not.  That is a common misnomer that demonstrates 'limitation thinking.'  If you want to get in shape for a marathon, you work with a personal trainer. If you want your home to be elegant and tasteful, you hire an interior designer. If you have a legal issue you need handled, you retain an attorney. Hiring a professional dating expert is no different. The fact is, all of our clients are wonderful, high-caliber individual who just decided they wanted the security and peace of mind of "hitting the easy button" on finding love!

How much does it cost?

Fees for date coaching begin at $180. Prices for our Dating Audit and Strategy Session and Jumpstart programs are listed on the booking page.  Contact us for up-to-date pricing on our comprehensive Date Coaching and Matchmaking Programs.

What if I don't live in Wichita, Kansas?  Can I still get coaching and matchmaking?

Absolutely!  We have a nationwide network to help us find your perfect match.  As active member of Matchmakers Alliance, we take pride in being able to serve a local, national, and international clientele.

If date coaching is your thing, we provide coaching via: Skype, email, text, and over the phone.  Our Mastering the Art of Courtship program will be sent to you, along with other supplemental training materials and exercises.  We then will have weekly sessions via Skype or phone  to fine tune the lessons for you, as well as fill in any blanks and answer any questions.

What ages of people do you serve?  Do you work with LGBTQ individuals? What about neuro-atypical singles? 

We work with people from 18-80!  We take pride in being able to help people of all ages and life stages, regardless of sexual orientation; we have also adapted our processes and methods to serve singles on the spectrum.  Whether you have never been married,  are a single parent, are widowed or divorced with grown children , or are seeking a same-sex relationship, we would love to help!  We have the experience and ability to help solve  your dating frustrations!

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