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7 (Strange-But-Good) Creative Dates

You’ve tried all the best restaurants. You’ve seen every movie that’s out! You love spending time with your partner, but you’re running out of things to do. Here’s a list of some odd-but-promising date activities that will infuse fresh energy into your dating routine.

1. Go to a mattress store and test out mattresses together. (We mean, like, just lay down and rest on them — please don’t take this sideways — yet!)

2. Watch a depressing movie together. But make a drinking game of it. Order a pizza or make some nachos so you have carbs to help balance out the drinking. Then every time the heroine sheds a tear or the music score swells to an emotive crescendo, you take a shot!

3. Go to the dentist and get your teeth cleaned together. White teeth are physically attractive plus fresh breath = better kissing!

4. Bake bread together. Because, well, um, kneading is sexy. And flour is fun to play with. Get messy!

5. Get his-and-hers haircuts. Or get a shampoo, scalp massage and style at the same time. A little side-by-side pampering before date night will have you both feeling fabulous!

6. Go to a kids’ toy store and pick out a game to play together. Retro games are good. (Remember the ones from your childhood?) The sillier or the more confusing, the better!

7. And, finally, if you’ve been together a long time and are ready to take the next step . . . Look at apartments or open houses together. Actually, you don't have to buy anything or sign any leases. Just use the open houses as a way to talk about decorating style, organization, household chores, how you would merge your lives, etc.

Don’t let discouragement, fatigue, or your Netflix habit limit your date-night creativity!

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