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Are you a match for the matchmaker?

No, I’m not talking about a love match. I’m talking about a business match! lol Coaching Experts and Marketing Experts advise people like me to get into Joint Ventures and Fundraisers in order to promote our services. They say you should partner with complementary professionals, businesses, and organizations that target the same niche and can help provide group programs (seminars, classes, mixers, workshops, etc) that help reach people you wouldn’t reach otherwise. I’ve been doing that very thing long enough to wonder… Is there anyone I’m missing? Is there a cross-promotional opportunity I’ve overlooked? If you (or someone you know) serves the same audience I do (or a similar one) and you think the time is ripe for a joint venture (or it’s at least worth a little brainstorming), will you let me know? I love to work with local entrepreneurs and I love to cook up quality events for my tribe of singles!

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