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Resolve to Prioritize Dating & Your Hunt for Love

Some of us can’t help ourselves. In spite of the experience of years of combined successes and failures, we continue to make New Year’s Resolutions! If you were reading my blog or my newsletter at this time last year and nothing “magically” changed for you in your dating & relationship life in 2012, maybe one of your resolutions should be to prioritize that component of your life in 2013. How to begin? With a Dating Coach, of course! But only if the following results sound appealing to you…

Achieve maximum dating success in minimum time Master the most important skills for dating & relationships Take critical steps to achieve love Avoid the biggest causes of heartbreak, loss, and reputation ruin Win his/her heart and resolve conflict before it starts Avoid the most common dating traps and communication traps that will bring you down Turn your dating dreams into reality Partner with the best dating mentor in the midwest Date smarter than those around you . . . And much, much more

I wish you hearts filled with hope and arms filled with hugs for 2013 and always.

XO, Suzanna

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