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Seven Ways to Channel some Easter Charm!

1.  Log onto your online dating site and change your profile photo to pic with a sherbet or pastel color.

2.  Revise your headline or first sentence of your profile to say, “What’s in you’re Easter Basket?”

3.  Send a text message the person you’ve had a crush on to say “Happy Easter.” Even if they don’t celebrate the religious aspect of the holiday, chances are they’ll reply to you.

4.  Clean out a closet or clear out a box full of junk. Spring cleaning (even if it’s in small steps) reinforces your “out with the old, in with the new” attitude. You’re making space for fresh, new things (like love!) to show up in your life!

5. Pick up a pretty plant or floral arrangement for your date or significant other’s family. It’s a lovely hostess gift – especially if you’re meeting the relatives for the 1st time!

6.  Set up a coffee date and order the green tea smoothie or meet at a gelato shop and order something sweet, smooth, and creamy.

7. Deposit a nest of Cadbury eggs with a brief-but-sweet note with your warmest Easter wishes in your crush’s car, desk, or locker.

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