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The 7 P’s to Improve Your Dating

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Are you looking to perk up your dating life but finding it tough to make progress? I was inspired by my friend Peggy Wolman, a Boston-based dating coach & matchmaker, to share her seven P’s to step up your dating game:


In our 20’s we fall in love with someone’s potential; years or decades later, we may be disappointed that that potential wasn’t met. Sometimes a divorce ensures; other times, we learn to live with the new reality. If you’re dating in your middle years or senior years, his or her potential has probably already peaked. For the most part, what you see is what you get!


You wouldn’t wait for a job to land in your lap — why would you wait for love? If you’re working with a dating coach, they’ll have rules and assignments and may even want you to keep a journal. One of mine is that you tell twenty people that you’re actively looking for love and write

down their first names. “I’m single, and I have an awesome life, but I’m looking for someone just as awesome to share it with. I enjoyed meeting you . . . if you know someone I might like to meet, would you keep me in mind?” It’s a cliché for a reason: Luck is when opportunity meets preparation!


There is no room for negativity when you’re looking for someone wonderful. Be the loving person you want to meet every single day.


Make a list of your passions; write down some activities for the future and some activities for now. Star pursuing them! People are attracted to people who have full, rich, fun and interesting lives. There are no guarantees but you’ve got to at least be in the game!


Practice projecting a confident image and have your elevator speech prepared: “This is the year I want to meet someone wonderful!”

Prepare for the difficult questions (“So, why did your last relationship end?”) and pay attention as they’re answering your difficult questions: Small clues tell big stories!


It’s a numbers game, so get out there and be social! You increase your odds by zero when you sit at home.

Pleasure & Playfulness

Flirting is the grease that oils the wheels of the social machinery. It makes every interaction light and fun – whether it’s with the boy who bags your groceries, the sweet child in the pew in front of you at church, or an actual object of romantic interest. Flirt your face off – and often. To flirt more is to live more!

If you’re looking to perfect your dating game – with the help of these 7 P’s and some other practical steps – you’re ready to work with a dating expert! I’m here to help. Contact

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