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The (Dating) Grade

Updated: Jul 2, 2020


Making The (Dating) Grade

Have you heard about the dating app called “The Grade?” With kids just out of school for the summer (and report cards soon to be sent), I wanted to alert you to the existence of this app that let’s you “grade and be graded!”

This iphone app from Snap Interactive holds users accountable for their behavior through the assignment of letter grades. Users with a grade of “D” or “F” receive a warning and instructions on how to improve their grade, while users who maintain an “F” grade are expelled.

We all know that there’s a mutual evaluation going on with both parties during a date: Are they attractive? Do they make good conversation? Do I find them interesting? Are they flirting with me and giving me signs of interest? Do they have good manners and seem generally respectful and kind? It’s an internal dialogue that’s always gone on; the app gives daters a chance to turn this assessment into a letter grade.

People’s response to the concept varies. Some find it motivating. Others find it off-putting. Some users play it for fun, like a game. Some like the accountability factor. And others find it mean-spirited or even vindictive with potential for abuse. What do YOU think?

The Grade recently surpassed the 10 million “Swipe” milestone. But I’m not writing about it to promote it. Rather, I’ll pose this question:

If you’re worried about whether you would “make the grade” or, if you’ve had a string of failed dates and you’re thinking to yourself, “Yah, I’d use that app to blow off some steam tell the WORLD how awful my date was . . . but maybe I’d better check myself before I wreck myself!” then you’re a good candidate for date coaching.

I mean, think of it this way: In school, you have the opportunity to learn lessons, get instruction from a teacher, maybe read a text book, and engage in some learning activities in a classroom or small group BEFORE you get graded! Doesn’t it make sense that you should have the same benefit of getting the education BEFORE you get the grade in the dating market?

That’s what I do: provide the education. And even if no one is literally grading you (at least, I hope not), YOU will be able to walk away from any date knowing, “I gave my best self. I put my best foot forward. I was confident and kind, and if it’s more of a misfire than a match, it’s not because of anything I did — or didn’t do!”

That’s what coaching work is all about and it’s life-changing and game-changing. But it’s only possible when you make the choice to be brave. It is only possible when you make the decision to open your heart and your mind. It is only possible when you reach out to me.

Are you ready for a little help?

If dating devastation and relationship regret have been the norm, we can fix things. A disappointing dating life doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s make your vision for love a reality!

Strengthen your commitment to your quality of life and apply to become a client right now. Contact me at

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