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What is your biggest obstacle to meeting single men or women? To getting a date? Or to getting a sec

This is a foundational question I ask my new clients. It gives us a “pulse on the problem,” so to speak, and forces some get-real honesty.

Some people are cautious daters – especially if they suspect that each new candidate won’t be able to meet their needs. So your answers to this question will reveal some “operational” issues such as: Are you mentally, physically and emotionally ready to date? Are you prepared for the subjects and situations that come up on a date?

If your answer to the biggest obstacle question is, “Only my lack of time,” that’s actually encouraging news: it tells me that all systems are “go” and that your morale is probably high — you only need some time management or priority-setting work to carve out the time for more productive dating.

Either way, I can help you with those. That’s what a dating coach does.

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