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We solve dating problems!

End your dating frustrations today.

Sure, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

And YET... modern dating can be so aggravating!

But it doesn't have to be. 

Follow our proven processes to make dating more fun, efficient, and fruitful!

If you've ever had thoughts like these, you're not alone -- and we can help...:

- I'm newly single; where do I start?

- Which dating app should I use?

- How do I set up an online dating profile that stands out from the crowd and attracts the right attention?

- What if I don't want to venture online at all?

- It seems like there are no more good people out there!

- How can I tell if someone's interested or not? 

- Is there anyone out there my age?

- It's been years since I was last single; how is dating even done these days? 

A LOT of singles have these challenges and concerns. 

We fix them. That's why our motto is "Dating Solved!"

We take the guess work out of modern-day dating. 

We guide growth-minded men and women just like you so that you can find a happy, healthy, loving relationship and enjoy richer social connections!


Join Our Little Black Book

This is the first place we look when conducting a search for a new matchmaking client! Your information will be kept confidential unless/until you are qualified for a possible introduction. If you have any questions or would like to discuss an aspect of your profile in a phone call, please contact to schedule a call.

Looking for traction in your dating life but on a budget?

You can enroll in one of our affordable JumpStart Programs below.

The Dating Audit and Strategy Session

is the launch-point of your coaching experience

(and our most popular ala carte service!)

In the 75 minute Dating Audit and Strategy Session we will identify:

  • Your dating & relationship goals... What do you want? 

  • Your dating and relationship strengths...
    How do you "show up" in the world? 
    What do you bring to a relationship? 

  • Your weaknesses, limitations, and how to overcome and/or reframe them.


This is where the bulk of our consultation time is spent: problem-solving the biggest challenges that are getting in the way of you meeting the people you want to meet and forming a connection.

If you're wondering where to go and what to do to meet new people you can connect with, we'll answer that in the Dating Audit and Strategy Session.  We will provide you with a social "action plan" you can follow to reinvent your social life and find someone wonderful!


After we identify your needs and goals and lay out your social strategy, we will also have the information we need to define your blueprint for continued coaching.  Sure, you can just do the Dating Audit and Strategy Session and walk away with tips and tactics to overcome some of your limitations, or you can sign up for one or more of our jump start programs . . . or . . . sign up for our All-Inclusive Date Coaching or Matchmaking programs.

Let’s get started in your search for love and connection!

Power Openings

Tired of typing (or reading) "Hey!"  when you open your dating app?  Are you rolling your eyes at lame, basic, unmotivating answers you get from the person you're trying to talk to online? 


Set yourself apart from the boring, unimaginative conversations that populate online dating.  Learn how to begin and sustain fun, interesting conversations - both online and in person - that will keep the person on the other end engaged.  Using our power openings concepts, you'll create a connection with the person you're messaging or talking to and lay a foundation for dating.

*Learn how to start conversations

*Learn language that inspires the object of your affection to WANT to date you

*Learn how to keep the conversation playful and how to stay away from tedious small talk

*Learn how to ask for a date

*Learn how to send cues you are interested and how to notice when someone is interested in YOU!

Online Dating Profile Makeover

We can't count how many people have said to us, "I HATE online dating!"  "I tried it- for a week!"


The fact of the matter is, the burnout rate for online dating is high.  It can be a time-suck.  It can take incredible emotional fortitude and resilience.  You've heard the horror stories about cat-fishers and frauds.  Maybe you even tried it yourself for awhile, but just couldn't get your heart into the habit of opening your app or checking your messages.  Maybe you thought, "Is this all there is???"  when you saw how the pond was stocked. 

Our Online Dating Profile Makeover program will completely change the way you do online dating.  We'll talk about your expectations, help you select the best sites for finding the right people, and you'll learn how other singles assess attractiveness so that you can put your best foot forward.  Here's how:


We'll rewrite your primary profile and we'll help you take and select the best photos. We'll also explain the "why" behind our choices, because it's important for you to know how men and women are viewing and perceiving each other online! 

You'll get some tips and tricks for opening conversations and building conversational momentum. 

You'll also learn how to keep track of all the messages and communicate with efficiency - because once we revamp your profile, there will be a lot more of the right messaging going on! 

And, since the goal is to eventually meet someone wonderful in person, you'll learn how to move things from online to offline (so you can have a real life date for a change!

Bottom line: We'll optimize your presence on up to 4 sites, help you get more right swipes or matches, and create a connection with the people you're most interested in.

No Junk, No Joke

Ladies:  You know the shock, the insult, the outrage, and the objectification you feel when a guy you're talking to sends you an unsolicited private pic?  How much time and aggravation would you save if you had a way to guard against this?  Learn the art of creating boundaries that set you up for real, respectful conversations and rid your inbox of unwanted/immature subjects and pictures.  Learn how to be warm, open, and kind online, yet make it clear to men what your limits are.  In the end, No Junk, No Joke will help you weed out the junk pics offenders and clear space in your inbox for high-integrity guys.


Looking to make a
real, lasting change?

View our proprietary, transformational programs below...

All -Inclusive Date Coaching

Local, National, In-person, and Virtual

Our All-Inclusive Date Coaching Programs are a client favorite.  We offer 3 and 6 month programs, tailored specifically for you!   When we work together ongoing, you get better,  longer-lasting results.  You'll develop the mindset management tools, the social strategies, the communication tools, and the online habits you need to  handle anything the dating game may throw your way -- while, maintaining your dignity, your sanity, and your magnetic appeal!  At the end of our program, you'll be relationship-ready and have the confidence and the game plan to get it.


The Date Maven's comprehensive Date Coaching includes:


Power Mindset

Establishing an optimized mental state for dating


Power Openings

How to break the ice, initiate a conversation and create meaningful connection


Power Conversations

How to build connection through in person or online conversation, learn to overcome the natural lulls that occur and how to transcend small talk


Power Flirting

How to give and interpret flirting cues that indicate interest


Online Dating Profile Makeover


Rejection Protection (becoming rejection-proof)



Image consultation, wingman/wingwoman services, mock dates, just-in-time text coaching, and more...

5 Reasons You Might Need a Dating Coach
  1. You have been out of dating for so long you don’t know where to start!

  2. You don’t know how to flirt.

  3. You aren’t sure how to start or keep a conversation.

  4. You need help with online dating!

  5. You are frustrated with your current dating situation.


The Date Maven's matchmaking services enables you to relax and let us do the heavy lifting for you. 
Our experienced team will seek out and vet qualified matches to ensure only the best match options are introduced to you!

Wichita's ONLY professional matchmaking service with local ownership has been serving the Wichita community for nearly 10 years.

Not certain how to start?

Tell us just a little about you.

We can help solve your dating problems

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