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As One Door Closes, Another One Opens…

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Marriage. Job change. Having a baby. Moving. Divorce. Empty next. Retirement. Relocation.

How do you acknowledge the significant transitions in your life? Do you stop to honor the change and experience all the emotions related to it? Or do you ignore, suppress, and power through?

If you’ve been practicing that old, stressful style of pushing through major life changes, it’s time to pause and learn instead to honor your unique experiences. It’s time to treat yourself with the deep respect and self-compassion needed to thrive during a major life transition. It’s time to stop feeling like every one else knows something you don’t and “has it all together.” (They don’t.) It’s time to pull back the curtain and talk about the real stuff we all go through as men and women who are on a growth path so we can learn how to truly support ourselves and each other — without competition, without comparison, and without self-doubt.

My friend KateLynn and my client Regina are both “in the thick of it” with their divorces — and they’re both feeling ready to take careful, considered steps toward new life and new love. I am so proud of them. And so pleased to be part of their process.

As a dating coach and matchmaker who has the privilege of journeying with my clients through the divorce recovery and new relationship phase of their lives, it’s my goal to provide you with ideas, resources, tips, and tools that will inspire, motivate, and support you during these transitions. Together, we will celebrate and honor your experience (even when it sucks). I’ll be right there with you as you release your old life, create a new community for yourself as you grow, and reintegrate into your new life.

If you or someone you know is newly single or soon-to-be-single and feeling alone, overwhelmed, or stressed, then you’ll want to join me for some deeply personal, customized dating-readiness coaching.

I’ll share with you:

– Simple, yet meaningful ideas and suggestions for finding support and peace through the major milestones – How to reduce avoidance, fear, neediness, and stress so you can stay sane as your ex throws you curve balls – Heart-body-mind-soul coaching techniques and tools to help you stay grounded, sane, and connected to your authentic self.

I don’t just want you to survive; I want you to thrive as you weather — and eventually celebrate — the significant transitions and growth opportunities in your life!

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