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How to Be a Rockstar at Your Career & Relationships

Intimate relationships are never easy and career success can never be taken for granted, but for women looking for that elusive “work-life balance,” the equation becomes even more challenging.

Ambitious, self-assured women looking for more joy, more passion, more connection, and more abundance in life are usually going at it alone – even when they’re in a relationship with a significant other.

At The Date Maven, we use our combined coaching experience to tackle the relationship challenges that driven, professional women are facing.

Personality plays a big role in both workplace outcomes and in interpersonal relationships, and it’s important to examine how we’re ‘showing up’ in the various roles we play. Our personalities influence our relationships and our relationship satisfaction influences our job performance, so essentially the person you partner with romantically can impact your professional success. This applies to both married and unmarried women of all ages.

This isn't just anecdotal. Scientific research supports these findings.

Too often, I’ve seen self-doubt and internal pressures ruin the confidence a woman has in her profession and the self-efficacy she has in her primary relationship. Our goal is to empower women to create the relationships they want, regardless of where they are at in their career trajectory. We want to arm women with the knowledge they need to make the most of their relationships and be difference-makers in their respective workplaces.

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